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Is Junk Food Killing You?

It depends... mostly on how much of it you eat, whether you otherwise eat healthily and whether you are overweight. But let's get straight to the punch line ... more ...


Welcome to Twisted Orange. Our aim is to provide information on many of the health topics related to our modern way of life. Poor diet, obesity, diabetes and many other topics of concern will be covered. Information will be factual and useful. We believe that all types of treatment and medication have a place in the treatment of many illnesses, so you'll find content about alternative medicine as well as the more accepted forms of patient care.


Diet & Weight Loss

Our first section is concerned with diet and weight loss. You will find descriptions of all of the popular diet plans together with lots of good tips on how to shed those extra pounds. There's also a detailed description of how and why the body uses up the energy produced by the food we eat.


It's a fact that being overweight is bad for your health. In the UK today, some 43% of the adult population would like to lose weight. Whether you'd like to lose a stone so that you look better or lose three stone because your extra weight is a burden on your heart, not to mention all of your joints, you still need to decide from the overwhelming advice that you get about dieting how you are going to proceed...more....



This disease is showing a dramatic increase here in the UK. In our next article we will look at the causes of diabetes and how we might avoid it, together with offering some helpful advice to anybody suffering from it....more...